Monday, 26 November 2012

Dylan Debut – Sound System EP

Dylan Debut Sound System EP Beats Me Music
Couldn't not show some love for this one, really, seeing as Mr Debut (I suspect that might not actually be his real name, BTW) is based, like TIWWD itself, in sunny Bristol.

That said, there's really no regionally based favouritism required cos this is a fine slab of floor-friendly deepness, just as we've come to expect from Beats Me Music. Sound System itself is a chunky, funky midtempo groover with the lightest of lounge-y overtones, Walki Talki is a deeper ride with sampled black consciousness vocals and a decidedly New York kinda feel, I Need is a more uptempo affair driven by a full-phat funk bassline and finally Pokki Talki is a stripped-down, loopy cut for the afterhours floors.

Another extremely checkable outing from the boys down in Bournemouth.

Out: Friday (30 Nov)

About: You can find Beats Me Music on Facebook or at their own website.

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