Thursday, 22 November 2012

Deymare – While She Danced EP

Deymare While She Danced EP Music With ContentMore very deep vibes here, but we move from the chilled-out ambience of Nikosf into those pastures where deep house and deep techno collide.

Deymare is Finnish producer Tomas Björkman, and here he presents us with three tracks in a total of four mixes. While She Danced itself features raw techno drums counterpointed by some very soothing keys, all topped with sampled snippets of both speech and [briefly, and in heavily treated form] song. Back In Time has more of the soothing keys but this time underpinned by layers of shuffling deep house percussion, while finally Rising comes in two mixes. The Original is deep house in the original Chi-town vein, while Deep Space Orchestra's remix leans a little more towards the dancefloor, with an insistent old-skool keyboard (Rhodes?) riff and wibbly-wobbly noises galore… all the better for blasting you off into inner space, my dear!

If you like your deep house slightly more leftfield, this is a must-check.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Music With Content, the label that's sprung out of successful Manchester club night Content. It's only their second release so show some love, people – here's their website and Soundcloud.

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