Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Various – Sampler #One

Sampler #One Initials
We seem to be on a new/fledgling labels tip today, so here's another one! I'm a bit confused cos the hype sheet says this is the third release from Initials, whereas the catalogue number is INITIALS004… but anyway, they're new, let's leave it at that.

Well, not quite at that. First, I need to tell you that they're based in London and this is a three-track sampler showing what they can do. Doing the do first is Romanian producer Boola, who gives us the vaguely menacing Ren'tors, a bass- and drum-heavy, heads-down tech houser with a strange, wobbly lead synth  that sounds a bit like a flute and a bit like a Theremin. Next up, Milde Shag from Ste Roberts is a deeper cut with insistent, driving drums, plenty of bass throb and some atmospheric, techno-style FX, while rounding out the EP is a new Analogue Cops remix of DJ Linus's K.B's Groove.

Ste Roberts takes top honours for me but as introductions go, this is pretty promising all round.

Out: This week

About: You can find Initials on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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