Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Various – Up Side Down 04

Up Side Down 04 Sincopat
A fourth VA ep from Sincopat showcasing some fresh new talent… always something TIWWD heartily approves of!

There are five tracks from five artists. TWICE's Broken Chair starts out all mellow then transmogrifies into a slow-but-bouncy tech-houser with jazzy fem vox, Dirty Vox by Kornel Lemon is, surprisingly, a largely instrumental workout (oohs and wails aside) that should play on deep and tech house floors alike, and Tamere's brilliantly-titled Thank God For Sunglasses is lazy, laidback and summery, with the lightesest hint of nu-disco in its deep house veins. For me personally though the standouts are Alex Mine's You Know Its Right – almost bassline house-ish with its big synth b-line and cut-up, Prince-ish vox – and Greeko's Hipster Bounce Panik, a certified dancefloor romp sporting a juke/B-more/ghetto tech/whatever the fuck we're calling it this week-ish "bounce that ass, jack that body" vocal.

But all five cuts will do the do, making this an EP you really owe it to yourself to check out. Unless you actually WANTED to get left behind, of course…

Out: This week

About: You can find Sincopat on Soundcloud or on Facebook.

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