Sunday, 18 November 2012

ALBUM Various – Deep Cycle Vol 2

Deep Cycle Vol 2 Deep Site Recordings
If you asked me what my favourite things are, I'd give you a list that included chocolate, sex, Mexican food… and getting albums sent by labels I've never heard of before, packed with deep house gems from artists I've never heard of either.

Well, I've not had any Mexican food this weekend* but I did spend last night at Mrs TIWWD's house, I have got an open box of Lindor… and I did get this in my inbox, a 16-track compilation from new (this is their 10th release) Croatian label Deep Site Recordings. And three outta four ain't bad!

I'm not going into every track, given that there are 16 of the blighters, but suffice to say that a good 13 or 14 of 'em are absolutely crackin'. And while there are a couple of familiar or vaguely familiar names involved (Loz Goddard, for one), as I said most of 'em come from peeps who are all-new, or at least all-new to these ears.

Which makes this album eminently checkable… and far more interesting, to these ears, than any compilation featuring all the current East London hipster faves. Let's keep it underground, people.

Out: This week

About: You can find out about this (on this evidence) highly promising new label at their website, on Soundcloud or on Facebook.

*Unless you count Doritos. I was at a house party where 'nibbles' were served and I couldn't swear that no Doritos were involved.

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