Friday, 16 November 2012

Evan Iff – Sunlight

Evan Iff Sunlight Something Different
It's been bugging me all week what this latest from Something Different reminded me of and I've just realised… if anyone remembers Take Arms by Shimmer from back in about, ooh, 1993? (and not 2003 as, er, some elves sneaked on here and wrote before) then this is in quite a similar vein. But you probably don't. I think I was about the one person in the whole of England that played it at the time.

So that's not much use as a review, and instead I'll explain that in its original form, Sunlight is an organ-sporting and rather sprightly deep/tech throbber with a yearnsome near-falsetto male vocal intoning "I will be the sunlight in your universe". Which seems a tad presumptuous of him to me, frankly, but there you go! Great tune though.

What you also need to know is that it comes with a brace of refixes by Danny 'Moodymanc' Ward: a Daylight Dub with an expansive, almost Balearic feel and a Twilight Dub with… er… well also with an expansive, almost Balearic feel but this time in a more lounge-y kinda way.

Out: This week

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