Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sleazy McQueen – I'm Tired

Sleazy McQueen I'm Tired Lost Paradise
Some sophisticated grooves here sitting somewhere between nu-disco/nu-boogie and classic US garage. And with quite an impressive remix line-up, too!

Pete Herbert's remix makes much use of classic-sounding house pianos, in keeping with the current obsession with all things vintage… it's like early 90s Italo-house served with a nu-disco twist, basically (and also comes with an instrumental even though there's only a couple of lines of vocal to start with). The Yam Who? Rework has beefier drums and makes more use of the vocal, as well as some classic organ sounds, while the Space Coast Remix is a dubbier and more contemporary-sounding pass.

All four mixes are very strong, making this another must-check. We're doing ever so well today, aren't we?

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of a brand new label, Lost Paradise… not entirely sure where they're from geographically-speaking but you can find 'em on Facebook. You've gotta love a label who describe their music policy as "It's deep, it's disco, it's acid but most importantly, it's house music" really, haven't you?

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