Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Quentin Hiatus – Cleo/Discomfort

Quentin Hiatus Cleo Discomfort Plush Recordings
Don't get sent as much D&B as I used to these days, or as much as I'd like… so when two quality slabs land in a single day, as they did yesterday, it seems churlish not to get 'em written up ASAP!

First up, this latest from the excellent Plush Recordings, which is actually a split affair. On the A, Quentin Hiatus and Ghast team up for Cleo, a downtempo, "minimal D&B" affair with a yearnsome female vocal that could have come straight off Alex Reese's So Far album. On the flip, Discomfort is credited to Dominic Ridgway & Quentin Hiatus, and is a more fierce n' firing number best described as the darkest 'liquid funk' you ever heard.

The polar opposite of that 180mph chav D&B shit that gets in the charts with the metal guitars, shit pop vocals and even shitter trance synth riffs … I wish more people made records like this.

Out: This week

About: You can find Plush Recordings at their own website or on Facebook.

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