Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Various - DeepWit Autumn Air

DeepWit Autumn Air
From a new label in Holland, we move on to a label in Denmark that's, while not actually that old, already well-established on the TIWWD favourites list. Proper deeper-than-deep house is what DeepWit excel at, for anyone who's just wandered in, and so it is with this five-track sampler.

Loz Goddard's How It Was places sampled speech – actually a sampled speech, if you see what I mean – atop a gently pulsing, hypnotic groove and leaves it to do its thing. Monsieur Electronique's Mind Bomb is another late-night sofa surfer, while O'Berg & Leverin's The Piano Factory unsurprisingly foregrounds the eponymous instrument – in a lilting, minor-key, Harold Budd kinda way as opposed to a hands-in-the-air rave anthem kinda way, you understand. Lloyd Trimmer's Honey isn't ACTUALLY an early 90s deep NJ garage gem on Strobe, of course, but sure sounds a lot like one, and then finally there's Way Out by Dave Martin & Deephoniq, which again is best served after dimming the lights, sitting back and sparking up a fat one…

It's admittedly probably a 'heads-only' affair but since when was that a problem? Crucial bizniss!

Out: This week

About: You can find DeepWit on Soundcloud, Facebook or at their own website.

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