Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Various – As Heard At ADE

Trick Track As Heard At ADE
It has been, dear reader, something of a trying day, for reasons I won't bore you with. So gonna keep it to a couple of V/A eps tonight, the first of which is this seven-artist, seven-track sampler from fledgling Dutch label Trick Track Records, who recently hosted their first ADE party.

Trick Track are based in The Hague and describe themselves on Soundcloud as a "deep house/nu-disco/tech-house" label. Which is as good a way as any to describe the overall melting-pot vibe here! William Medagli & Thallulah give us Flavor Does It, a bouncy, bassy tech-house groove that uses big chunks of the Dr Love vocal – big dark rooms beckon, as indeed they do for Nicola Nolli's Mercury, which is in a similar vein but instrumental. Albert Santizzo & Micket Franc's In Zoo Boogie is a deep little chugger sporting an unlikely-sounding fusion of soulful vocal snips and Theremin-type wibbly-wobbly noises, Chris Luzz's Jungle Juice is a sparser,  tribal-inflected workout and, well, there's some more goodness in the form of strong cuts from Lightzoff, Nick Safado feat Andrea Love and Colino.

All told, it's very checkable indeed. So check it!

Out: This week

About:  Something else Trick Track have to say about themselves:

The ideal of Trick Track Records is to generate the future and the past into a unitary sound of electronic music and give the listeners a moment of quiet in the sound, finding themselves wondering with their mind in places never thought of.

I'm not entirely sure what that all means either, but anyway as well as the sound of the cloud you can find 'em on Facebook or at their own website.

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