Monday, 5 November 2012

Rob Mirage – Burnin' EP

Rob Mirage Burnin' EP 303 Lovers
A two-tracker here from Rob Mirage you could file somewhere between tech house and disco house.

Come On Baby operates in pretty much straight-up tech-house territory in terms of its beats, tempo etc, but there's definitely something of a swing to said beats and the addition of an almost hip-house-ish "come on baby, take off your skirt" further denotes a nudge towards more partified pastures. It's Burnin' itself that really blurs the boundaries, though: you could play this jaunty little number with its oompah-loompah beats alongside party-style tech-house records from (eg) Great Stuff or Deeperfect, while its walking disco b-line and "feel the fire" chorused vocal samples equally wouldn't sound out of place alongside disco-house cuts from (eg) Bid Muzik, Stardust or Nocturnal.

These are, admittedly, fairly hair-splitting distinctions. Nonetheless, in a sea of records that fit all too easily into one box or another, Burnin' is a party-starter that doesn't, quite… and is worth checking for that reason alone.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Italian label 303 Lovers. The usual Facebook and Soundcloud rules apply.

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