Sunday, 4 November 2012

ALBUM Mateo & Matos – House Legends

Mateo & Matos House Legends King Street Sounds
It's entirely possible that some younger readers of this blog might not know who Mateo & Matos are… Jon and Eddie haven't been as prolific in recent years as they once were. But suffice to say, if deep, jazzy or soulful house is your bag then the music you love owes at least some debt to this duo, who've been turning out quality trackage since the mid-90s.

Well, if you're among those uninitiated then this 24-track comp spanning 17 years is the perfect place to start; for long-term fans, on the other hand, it's a chance to revisit some perhaps forgotten old favourites… I used to play Hisa Jazz all the time back in 2003, hearing it out of the blue again was like bumping into an old schoolfriend!

Out: This week

About: This is the fourth in the House Masters series, previous installments having been supplied by Mood II Swing, Frankie Feliciano and Kerri Chandler. More info at the King Street Sounds website.

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