Sunday, 25 November 2012

DJ Mishakov – Prophet Of The Streets

DJ Mishakov Prophet Of The Streets Tokyo Red Recordings
Another label here that should be very familiar to TIWWD readers by now, with the latest from Tokyo Red Recordings.

There are two mixes of Prophet Of The Streets, and they're really quite different. In its Original form, it's a very playable deep houser with sampled (movie?) speech and some beautiful garage-y piano chords, underpinned by driving kicks and off-beat hi-hats that lend it plenty of the requisite dancefloor energy. But fine as it is, the killer here for me is the Nu-Disco Mix, which drops the tempo slightly and adds a big phat fuck-off squelching bassline.

And to put it simply, there's nothing that'll win you friends round these parts like a big phat fuck-off squelching bassline! Another winner from my boy Sydney's stable, then.

Out: This week

About: Find Tokyo Red on Facebook. Gotta go now run out of Sunday…

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