Thursday, 15 November 2012

Feft & Liam Geddes – Nu Skool Dubs EP

Feft & Liam Geddes Nu Skool Dubs EP Form-and Function
A split EP here from two names that should be familiar to TIWWD readers by now, with both tracks paying their respective nods to the early days of UKG circa 1995-98.

Feft gives us Addicted, which is all Tuff Jam-ish bumpin' bass underneath a more contemporary-style treated vocal, while Liam Geddes's contribution is BRIXTN, which is a little less straight-up garage and more kinda… deep house with very garage-y leanings! You get the overall idea. And yeah, loving 'em both.

Now, does this mean five-button suits are gonna come back around as well? Only there's loads of 'em in charity shops and I do hate to miss a bargain…

Out: This week

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