Saturday, 17 November 2012

Thomas AS – Wonderful In Your Eyes EP

Thomas AS Wonderful In Your Eyes EP Tanzbar Digital
More deep house vibes here, this time courtesy of a label called Tanzbar Digital who, despite this being their 78th release, are I believe making (fanfare of trumpets) their very first appearance on TIWWD.

Having said we're on a straight-up deep house tip tonight, of the three EPs this is the one with the most techy/proggy leanings. There are three mixes of the title track to choose from, all of which feature the same whispered/spoken female vocal and all of which are in a warm-up/post-club kinda vein. The Philippe Ort and Original mixes are pleasingly hypnotic but the Angelo Draetta Dub & Dumb Mix would be the rub most likely to get yours truly, at least, up and dancing thanks to its vintage Chicago-style percussion.

Rounding out the EP is bonus cut Lost Mind, which ventures into techno territory with its looping, terrace-friendly percussion and warping, distorted bass synth sounds.

Out: This week

About: Tanzbar Digital are, unsurprisingly, German and can be found at their own website, on Soundcloud and on Facebook.

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