Saturday, 17 November 2012

Deep Herman – Deep Dreams EP

Deep Herman Deep Dreams EP Spring Tube
Good as the Dual T and Thomas AS releases are – I don't write about things I don't like on TIWWD – I've saved the best till last here. I don't know quite what's happened with Spring Tube suddenly transforming themselves into a reliable source of proper deep house grooves, but I'm glad it has and long may it continue!

So yeah, this is the second in a week from the Russian label… it's actually one of three EPs they're releasing this week to celebrate their third birthday (I'm not quite sure what I've done with the other one but anyway). Deep Dreams itself is warm and hypnotic, Feel The Same is a notch livelier and a wee bit techier and features a distinctive "let's wait and see" movie-sampled male vocal, while Hey You Feel Me is more drifty and late-night.

Generally speaking though, "proper deep house grooves" just about sums up all I've got to say, really! Top stuff all round.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else in two weeks' time.

About: You can find Spring Tube at their own website or on Facebook.

Oh, and as I'm always calling them a Russian label, I should point out they're actually based in the US… but they're run by Russian dudes and they release a lot of music by Russian artists (Deep Herman is from Belarus) so same difference I guess.

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