Sunday, 18 November 2012

ALBUM Matt Tolfrey – Word Of Mouth

Matt Tolfrey Word Of Mouth Leftroom
Having just made some slightly sniffy remarks about 'east London hipsters' (see Deep Cycle Vol 2 review below) I should point out that it's braying, snotty-nosed 24-year-olds in those stupid elasticated-ankle jeans and sailor tops I object to, not necessarily the music they listen to. I mention this cos Leftroom is, I believe, quite popular with those very same irritating NO2-snorting club brats… yet it's also without a doubt, one of the UK's finest deep house labels.

So when label boss Matt Tolfrey serves up his debut artist full-length, you'd expect pretty good results, and Word Of Mouth doesn't disappoint. Managing to sound contemporary, look to the future and evidence an awareness and appreciation of house music history all at the same time, it actually delivers pretty freaking awesome results, truth be told.

Regular readers may remember how taken yours truly was with the first single, Turn You Out, back in August; well, it sounds just as fresh and essential now, only now it's accompanied by nine more cuts of equal quality. Simply speaking, this is a superb debut that's been well worth the wait… whatever cut of jeans you happen to be wearing.

Out: This week

About: You can find Leftroom at their website or on Facebook.

PS I should probably try and make this blog a bit less 'bitter, grumpy old man'-ish, I know. But what's a bitter, grumpy old man to do?

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