Friday, 30 November 2012

Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor – Nocturnal EP

Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor Nocturnal EP Seasons Recordings
With this being the last full TIWWD review for over a week, I wanted something out of the top drawer to leave you with…

There's just the two tracks to choose from here, but what fine tracks they are! On the A, Esoteric is a mellow, post-club kinda cut, its lingering pads and trippy synth squiggles underpinned by a fat n' funky b-line and topped off with sampled mission control dialogue. Over on the B, After Dark takes us into even deeper territory, placing a one-line snippet of the Rock Creek Park vocal over luxuriant synth washes and crisp, insistent 4/4s.

Classic-style deep house done very, very well. What more do you need?

Out: This week

About: This comes on US label Seasons Recordings, who are based in Costa Mesa, California and can be found on Facebook, or you can visit their online store.

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