Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tim Andresen - A Little Boogie

More predictably high-quality house shizzle here from our old Danish friend Mr Andresen.

Just the two mixes of A Little Boogie to contend with tonight, the Original plus a remix by Cosmic Cowboys. The latter is a rollin', groovin' affair with 'git up!' vocal exhortations, some fluttering geetars buried deep in the mix and lilting Balearic-style pianos, while those intergalactic cowpokes take us on a deeper and much dubbier trip.

Not much else to say, really, but this is some top-drawer shiznit, no doubt, with the Cosmic Cowboys Remix edging it for me.

Out: This week

About: Tim is of course label boss at Denmark's What Happens, but this one actually comes on another Danish label, Gartenhaus.
I said they were German before, but I was wrong. My bad.

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