Friday, 2 March 2012

Neiro - Park Authority EP

Four very solid deep/tech-house cuts here from Neiro, of Viva! Recordings fame.

Opener Roots is a lively, floor-oriented deep house affair with, unsurprisingly, a dubwise slant. Rising Sun is a little more stripped-down and techy, but still with that lilting reggae feel to the (rather large) bassline, Getting Around is more the kind of druggy tech-house cut that's all the rage in that east London, with some great garage-y organ drops to boot, while finally Run In The Park is a more contemplative cut that veers into slightly quirkier, more leftfield territory.

Roots is probably my personal fave, Getting Around I suspect might be the one that picks up the most plays, but all four cut the mustard and there's enough variety all told to make this an EP that, again, is well worth checking.

Out: This week

About: This one's brought to you by Seattle-based label Uniting Souls, who I must admit I don't think I've come across before… but here's their website, Facebook and MySpace if, like me, you need to bring yourself up to speed.

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