Friday, 9 March 2012

Stanny Abram – Makelle Solo Vagana EP

A simple two-tracker here from a man who's no stranger to this blog, Stanny Abram, and a label who certainly aren't either, Tim Andresen's Copenhagen-based What Happens.

The title cut features insistent, multi-layered tribal percussion, chanted vox and… well, that's about it really, apart from a fairly discreet topline played on what sounds like a Hammond organ, which comes in halfway through. On the B, Kunta Kinte brings more of the Afro percussion, but this time with some garage-y piano chords and a very familiar-sounding female vocal sample.

A treat for those who like their house infused with a little Afro spirit.

Out: This week

About: Keep up with what's happening at What Happens via their Facebook page

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