Sunday, 4 March 2012

James Silk - Sweet Turning Sherbert EP

"It's that man again," as 1930s radio comic Tommy Handley used to say*. I was just saying last week how you need to be keeping an eye on Mr Silk and now here is once more, with a very varied three-tracker that shows just how versatile he can be.

Opener Sweet Spot is an abstract, ethereal and at times near-ambient offering with a female vocal, that could appeal equally to fans of deep house, deep techno and the more esoteric end of the future garage spectrum. Something of a home-listening delight, then. Orange Sherbert is a more obviously club-friendly affair, still very deep but with a fat, funk-fuelled Chicago-sounding b-line that should get booties shaking nicely.

And then finally there's Turning Over. This starts out sounding like yet another midtempo East London tech-house workout… but then after a couple of minutes slowly starts bringing in elements of boogie. Soaring strings, squelchy synth-bass and, eventually, a heavily filtered male vocal inna D-Train/Atlantic Starr kinda vein (it's probably a sample and I should probably recognise it, but you can't win 'em all) all join the party, making for a cut that starts out in darkness and ends in bright sunshine.

Quality stuff from Mr Silk once more, nuff said.

Out: This week

About: This one comes on a brand new label, Form And Function… which turns out to be yet another imprint under the Endemic Digital banner.

*Although how I know this, I'm not entirely sure.

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