Thursday, 22 March 2012

RJ Fletcher – Double Down EP

Another brand new label! Tact Recordings is, it says here, "a new house and techno label that's the brainchild of four UK producers based in London, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds".

First up to the plate for 'em is Manchester's RJ Fletcher, a name you should recognise from previous releases on the likes of Deep Edition and 3am Recordings. Here he serves up three cuts: Lazy Days, Over Defy and Double Down itself, the latter coming accompanied by a refix from deep house veteran Rick Wade.

Lush, contemporary-sounding deep house is the order of the day… and yes, I'd say 'deep' rather than 'deep/tech', cos this is a fair bit more organic-sounding than much of what's around right now. All five cuts are in a quite similar vein and all are perfectly playable so I'm not gonna go into it track-by-track, except to say that if pushed then I'd pick the jazzual, sax-sporting Lazy Days as the standout.

Let's hope we hear more from Tact Recordings soon, cos this is an excellent start.

Out: Today

About: Like I said, this is Tact's first release from new label You can find 'em on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

NB: I don't normally post Twitter links. I don't 'do' Twitter. I'm making an exception for these guys cos they're new.

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