Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lessov – Komodo EP

A complete stylistic switch now, with this out-and-out progressive houser from Canada's Kevin McInnis.

So then, progressive house… it's a funny old sub-genre, innit? At its worst it can be overblown, boys-y and monotonous. At its best, it can be some of the most finely crafted house music around, perfect for big floors and full of dramatic dancefloor thrills n' spills in the way that those deep n' dubby chuggers we love so much just can't really be. This, I'm happy to say, definitely sits towards the latter end of the spectrum.

Three mixes of Komodo make up the EP, of which the Original is the one to head for if you're a fan of those wistful, near-operatic female vocals. I'm not so much, generally, but here they're not overdone so this is playable all the same, I'd suggest. Personally though I'm preferring the Aleksey Yakovlev Remix, a slightly bigger, more driving pass that largely drops the vox. Blood Groove & Kikis Remix, meanwhile, goes for that big, sweeping, shiny pop-prog sound… one of those tracks that sounds a bit cheesy when you hear it at home but I suspect might, if you heard it spangled on a dancefloor as the sun came up, sound like the best thing ever.

I don't get up to that sort of thing much these days, so it's hard to say! But 2/3 - and possibly 3/3 in the right circumstances - ain't bad at all.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Incepto Music, who are from the Ukraine.

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