Friday, 9 March 2012

Zee & Eli - Body Shock EP

Another simple two-tracker here, this time coming from Zee & Eli, a duo who are based on the southcoast of the UK and who've previously had stuff out on Flumo.

It's an EP you really ought to check for yourself, for the way it blends a contemporary tech-house sound with influences from vintage electro/b-boy hip-hop. That picture of a breakdancer on the cover is there for a reason, y'know! It's an unusual fusion but it works, and you can see this reaching out to DJs of many persuasions.

Both cuts work a similar vibe, but personally I'd go for Body Shock itself over b-side Making Castles… the latter's a bit more out-and-out electro-y where Body Shock has more of a 'house' feel. But like I said, it's an EP you really ought to give a listen to and make your own mind up.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Hype Muzik, part of Essex's Stripped stable

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