Friday, 30 March 2012

Frankie Soukal - Blue Island EP

No fewer than seven tracks on offer on this EP of (in their words) "sun-drenched, deep and funky house jams" from Beats Me Music. Can't fault 'em in the value of money stakes! And, to be fair, it's pretty hard to fault 'em in the musical stakes either, as this is another release from the Eastbourne-based label that's sure to delight the more discerning (by which I hope I don't JUST mean older!) house heads.

Not going to go into all seven tracks and mixes individually, but in total you get just the one mix of Blue Island itself, three of Street Signs, two of Success and one of Sunburst, with the remixes (where attributed and not just named) coming from Groove Federation, Middle Rhythm and label boss Rob Clarke. The overall vibe is indeed "deep and funky" and with jazzy bits, space disco-y bits, Balearic bits and some lush NJ garage-y bits to be found, it's hard to imagine any deep house jock NOT finding plenty to play here, especially if your tastes veer more towards the 'traditional' side of deep house rather than the contemporary deep/tech sound.

Classy stuff you need to check, basically.

Out: This week

About: Beats Me Music can be found here and here (website and Facebook). And in Eastbourne, obviously. If you happen to be passing down that way.

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