Thursday, 29 March 2012

DJ 3000 presents – 10 Years Of Motech Pt 1

It's a bit embarrassing that this is, I think, the first time Motech Records have featured on this blog… embarrassing cos this EP's being released to celebrate their 10 years in the game! But hey, I never claimed to know everything and everyone.

All four tracks on the EP are remixes of older material but like I said… so we'll have to tackle 'em as fresh. Of the two mixes of Gerald Mitchell's Belly Dancer, I'm feeling DJ 3000's dubby, tribal-leaning take to the Latin-infused take from Sascha Sonido, but both will find their fans. Franki Juncaj & Fer BR's The Pressure is, as remixed by Enthousiaste Gasten, a rolling, Sneak-y discofied workout, while finally Delta Funktionen's 808 Mix of another Juncaj cut, Moment In Time, takes us as the name suggests back to the warehouse days. Dig those old-skool drum sounds!

All told, a nicely varied EP taking in several shades of house music… from a label to which I clearly need to be paying a bit more attention, eh?

Out: This week

About: Motech is based – I now know – in Detroit, and run by DJ 3000, who is also Franki Juncaj. And, obviously, they're ten years old. This is what they have to say about themselves: "What started as a small vision in Detroit has grown into a global network of visual, sonic and intellectual ideas all driven by a unique group of artists and producers who are combining past and present in order to establish the sound of the future."

A full-length '10 years' label comp is coming later this year. Find out more by visiting the Motech website.

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