Saturday, 17 March 2012

T.Lavonte – Fever Pitch EP

We just had the great deep house labels of the good ol' days being bigged up by one of the more established names on today's scene… now here's the latest from one of the great current up-and-coming labels, namely Martiijn's Deep Edition Recordings. Although saying that, this is number 29 from them so they're hardly the new kids on the block any more either!

T.Lavonte is one Lewis Palmer in real life, and hails from Amsterdam (though he's currently based in London). Here he gives us a three-tracker that kicks off with Fever Pitch, an uber-deep, home listening affair that blends spaced-out analogue synth rises with distorted, half-there snatches of soulful vocal and, oh, a full minute of vinyl crackle at the end so be ready all you DJ types!

Dirtbag then picks up the pace somewhat, a techier builder with what sound like they might be snatches from the same vocal source and insistent but not domineering beats. And then finally there's Traumatic, which is another late-night, tripped-out little 'ditty'.

This is one of Deep Edition's more experimental/leftfield offerings to date (and there's been a few of 'em now), but methinks it'll reward exploration. Space cadets, step this way.

Out: This week on Juno and DJ Download, 26 March everywhere else.

About: Deep Edition Recordings can be found, like your Auntie Gladys these days, on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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