Friday, 23 March 2012

Robosonic – Punchi Punchi EP

Well, I'm pretty sure this is a first for TIWWD… a tech-house record about a towel. A punchi, you see, turns out to be a scarf/headband/
towel/snood hybrid, designed in Germany by – I think – Robosonic themselves, and apparently a popular item among Berlin clubbers. And Punchi Punchi is a tribute to it.

But never mind all that… is the record any good, is what you want to know. And yeah, it is actually, sitting somewhere on the border of deep and tech house (as so many tunes these days do). It's the Antony Olivieri mix that's doing it best for me, being somewhat housier where the Original is a little techier. You also get a Daft Punchi Edit of Punchi Yellow, which throws in some French-sounding accordions, and 1, another very Berlin-sounding tech-house number.

Robosonic: clearly, froods who know where their towels are.

Out: This week

About: This comes on 0001 Records, who I can't seem to find any sort of website for… but in the meantime you can HEAR THIS (and download Punchi Yellow for free) at Robosonic's Soundcloud page

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