Thursday, 8 March 2012

Suel - Warm Up/Frozen Cube

The latest offering from Acryl Music comes courtesy of Suel, a Russian producer based in Moscow who's not to be confused with German duo Suol.

Warm Up, on the A, is a luxuriant, slow-building deep houser with shuffly percussion and mournful guitar licks. It's mellow enough for home listening, yet has enough punch to it for the floor as well, albeit it's probably best suited to warm-up or afterhours rather than peaktime play. On the B, Frozen Cube is a dreamy, prog-tinged cut that's also a bit more driving and more obviously floor-oriented.

So that'll be another strong release from this excellent Swiss label, then.

Out: This week

About: For more info on all things Acryl, visit their website, Soundcloud, Facebook or MySpace.

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