Saturday, 17 March 2012

2 Billion Beats - Babylon

The latest from 3am was intended, says the hype sheet, as a tribute to the sound of vintage UK deep house labels such as Paper, Toko and Pagan. Accordingly, they've drafted in the duo of Tom Lonsborough and Col Hamilton, AKA 2 Billion Beats, to do the honours.

In its Original form, Babylon tops off midtempo beats, a throbbing bassline and warm synth washes with trippy, Eastern-sounding synths, making for a track that probably sounds at its best when you're feeling a little 'altered'. The Höhle Remix is doing it for me, though, dispensing with the head-frying wibbles and wandering down an altogether more post-club, hazed-out route, while completing the EP is a stripped-down, dubby take from Matt McHenry that's aimed at very, very late floors, and that brings back the trippy high-end without it being quite as in-your-face as on the Original.

Definitely the Höhle rub for me but if you like it a little more wonky and leftfield, the other two should suit you nicely.

Out: This week on Beatport, 19 April everywhere else.

About: You can find on Facebook and Soundcloud. Oh yeah and before anyone feels neglected, I should mention the hype sheet did namecheck Glasgow Underground and 2020Vision as well… and quite rightly so.

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