Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sarp Yilmaz – Ro Vibes EP

Some deep, techy, tracky shiznit here from Trendy Mullet, as supplied by Turkish producer and cat-lover (apparently) Sarp Yilmaz.

Got My Money is the standout for me, a slow, headnoddin' slab of soulfully-tinged, techy deepness… like listening to vintage deep Jersey garage on downers. Ro Shuffle works a similar sort of vibe, and is then given a beefed-up remix by James Johnston that's really your only hope here if it's dancefloor action you're seeking! And then finally Urban Vibe goes to the opposite extreme, being a downtempo/uneasy listening kinda thang.

A varied EP then, and one that won't have much appeal for a lot of floors… but if you like your sounds a little more challenging, this is well worth checking out.

Out: This week

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