Friday, 30 March 2012

Soul Sway - Quality Of Life EP

Going a little bit deeper now with this latest rather sumptuous offering from the always on-point Savoir Faire Musique.

In its Original form, Quality Of Life is a chuggy, midtempo deep house/deep garage cut with a warm b-line, organs, pianos and vocal stabs… it's just lush, basically, and couldn't be much more up my street if it lived in the house next door. Soul Minority then defy the laws of gravity (or something) by delivering a refix that if anything is even better, a proper late-night gem for the 'proper garage' heads!

And then finally Drift takes us more into deep/tech territory, albeit with the kind of dark room, semi-tribal feel that's got NYC written all over it (as opposed to Berlin or, say, Grimsby)… though, that said, there's enough musicality in its mournful low-end sax warbles to ensure it's just as suitable for home listening as it is for dazed 5am dancefloors.

All told, another excellent offering from Savoir Faire.

Out: This week

About: This is Soul Sway's second outing on SFM – as you might recall, his Don't Step Down EP was the label's very first release last year. Anyway, you can find Savoire Faire Musique online here and here (website and Facebook).

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