Monday, 19 March 2012

FREE EP! Toob - Chop House Vol 1

Here's one you don't want to miss, seeing as it's free… the first of several such freebies, we're promised, from Jakeone and Rich Thair, AKA Toob.

I won't say too much, seeing as you can go and download it and make your own minds up. But if the glitchier, edgier, more experimental end of tech-house is your thing than you should be more than satisfied with Nueva Onda and Chop House, though for me the star of the show is Wave 4, an altogether deeper, groovier affair.

Anyway, click here to grab the tracks. Enjoy!

Out: Today, obviously

About: Chop House Vol 1 is the first release from Chop House, a label-not-label set up by Toob so that "we can simply make the music and get it out there without any of the faff of going through record labels, distributors etc." Further Chop House free digital download 'EPs' are planned throughout the year, with some of the tracks also getting a limited vinyl release.

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