Sunday, 4 March 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD! Spacebats - Alright

Mostly been sticking the free downloads on the Facebook page lately, but here's one that deserves more than a one-liner.

Spacebats are based in Sydney, Australia, and I don't know a lot about 'em except main man Dan is originally from that London. Hopefully we'll all know more soon though, cos for a 'new artist giving away a free Soundcloud download' release this is very promising stuff indeed. The original Groove Mix is a disco-houser with a Tony Di Bart-ish vocal, string stabs and some nice sax to boot, but if that's a bit poppy for you – and it might be, TBH – then have no fear, cos the real action's in the Zoom Zoom Mix, a stripped-down dub that's got that dark, techy sound of now, yet manages to maintain its disco sheen as well.

That's no mean feat, so like I said, this is promising stuff indeed. More soon please.

Out: This week

About: Think I've told you just about all I know, but more importantly… here are the trax!

And if you dig those, you can keep up with Spacebats here

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