Monday, 26 March 2012

FREE MIX DOWNLOAD from Baker Street

Hello, and welcome to the week here on TIWWD… and we're going to get this particular week off to a very groovy start, because the good folk at Baker Street Recordings, that Leeds-based bastion of all things deep n' techy, have kindly decided to make a one-hour mixed version of their forthcoming fifth anniversary label compilation available for free.

I won't bang on, suffice to say you need to grab this while it's hot!

Out: Well, now, obviously.

About: In case you hadn't noticed, Paul Hardy and McKai are the men responsible for crafting this mix. If you dig this – and I'm pretty certain you will – then the 'proper' version of the compilation, with all the tracks featured here and more besides, in all their full-length, unmixed glory, is out on April 23. Keep an eye on the Baker Street website for more details.

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