Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ceri – Something's Cooking EP

The latest from the fledgling Midnight Social Recordings is a three-tracker from Ceri, a London-born DJ whose sound the hype sheet describes as "a blend of all things house and techno". Let's see…

The EP opens with Something's Cooking itself, a tough, chugging slab of tech-house made for late, late floors. Though when I say that, it might lead you to expect some tedious boys-y minimal drum track… but no, there's enough going on here in terms of stabs, washes and random vocal snips to make it far more than that for sure. A very solid dancefloor cut indeed.

Moving on, No Boundaries is another tough, percussive affair, but this time with a BIG synth bassline and what sound suspiciously like tiny little cut-ups from Funky Green Dogs' Reach For Me. Which was always gonna win it friends round these parts! And then finally, speaking of old school samples, there's Loco, a more straight-up house offering with a funkified, west coast feel and, by way of a vocal, the "y'all are crazy, man" line from the very end of Groove Is In The Heart.

This is Ceri's very first ever record: on this evidence, let's hope we hear more from the girl soon!

Out: This week

About: Midnight Social Recordings is run by Carlo Gambino, also known for his adventures on 3am Recordings, and is based in Leeds. This is the label's fourth release.

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