Saturday, 17 March 2012

Various - Guilty Birds EP

More seriously deep goodness here from Denver's 5 And Dime Recordings. Once again, it's a V/A EP featuring the usual label suspects: F Stop, ben A, Mateous and Zach DeVincent.

ben A is up first with Signals, a driftaway late-night groover sporting analogue synth washes, birdcalls and sampled NASA Mission Control dialogue. Next, F Stop's Luna is an ominous slab of deep techno with a huge fat bassline, coming complete with a more ambient-leaning Omar Fayyed remix (there are beats though, so it's not an entirely ambient affair).

Detour from Mateous is the standout track of the EP for me, another late-night house groove with an obscenely large bottom end, and then Zach DeVincent closes the EP on a dancefloor high with Close To Me, a heads-down tech-house chugger with proggy overtones and a breathy female voice inviting you to do what the title says.

Out: This week

About: This is number five from 5 And Dime, and every one has been a winner so far – if you like it deeper than deep, this is a label you need to be checking for right now. Here's their website, Facebook and Soundcloud, so you can do just that.

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