Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ejeca - Drive EP

Let's stick with the Danish house vibes for a minute, with this latest from DeepWit Recordings. Ejeca is a new name to me and, as he doesn't feature on the DeepWit website artist page, I'm guessing a newcomer to the label as well. Oh yeah actually it says so on the hype sheet… well anyway, that's always exciting, isn't it?

The EP's made up of two tracks, in four mixes. The original of Bumbled is something of a departure for this deep house label, sounding like nothing so much as a UK rave track circa 1991 with its sub-threatening b-line, scratchy vinyl sound and hardcore-style micro-stabs. You know the score! You'd need to pick your moment to drop a track as retro-fied as this, but get it right and it's easy to imagine it absolutely slaying 'em. Or, if you like, you could opt for the remix by label boss Alvaro Hylander, who basically uses the vocal over a completely new deep house track… as far as my cloth ears can tell, anyway! S'good though.

The other track Danehill similarly gets a complete overhaul on the remix. In its original form, this is a slow-burning chugger in a slo-mo disco kinda vein, but in the hands of Canada's Big Al (not to be confused with Big Al of Escape fame in Swansea) it becomes an energetic houser with a fat, bumpin' bassline and a hot, sweaty, tropical feel… the spirit of The Loft lives on.

With four varied tracks from a very new artist, this is one you need to check for sure.

Out: This week

About: As well as the website above, you can find DeepWit on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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