Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mr Leman – Love That Deep

Not sure what they're putting in the water in Copenhagen – nor whether a certain famous statue is responsible – but it's got to be said: there's a hell of a lot of good house music coming outta Denmark right now.

This latest example comes from Mr Leman, and would demand to be loved for the lyric alone: "Don't you like this deep house? Don't you feel it in your soul?/Is it the thing that keeps you going on and on?/Cos I can tell you, it's my only drug/The feeling that it gives, I would describe as love". But there's more to love here than just the heart-on-sleeve lyric, from the fact said lyric is mostly delivered via that most wonderful of studio toys, the vocoder, to the crisp, unhurried beats and the warm synth sounds that warp away unassumingly in the background.

Remixes come from three very respectable names – Dudley Strangeways, Matthieu Duchesne (about whom more tomorrow) and Onur Ozman. Duchesne serves up a slightly deeper pass with less of the vocal, Strangeways delivers a much deeper Dub with NONE of the vocal, and Ozman keeps it nice and deep but gives it a little more of a fried-head twist. This mix also has a male rather than a female voice delivering the vocal.

You can't go wrong, really, whichever rub you choose.

Out: This week

About: Mr Leman is Danish, but this is number five from Jesus Pablo and Di Riviera's UK-based Something Different label. Making it five winners on the bounce by my reckoning…

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