Tuesday, 6 March 2012

MicrO - Lick The Battery

And while we're on the subject of decent progressive house records, here's another one… this time courtesy of fledgling UK label Zipped Records.

There's just the one mix of Lick The Battery, so I needn't detain you long, but with its chugging, looping backbone, Strings Of Life-esque string stabs and sense of vague disquiet, this is dark brooding prog the way it SHOULD be done.

Out: Last week actually – March 1 to be precise, but cos it was March it slipped into this week's folder by mistake. My bad.

About: Zipped Records are based in TIWWD's old adopted home town of sunny Manchesterford-On-Sea, and can be found on at their own website, and on Facebook and Soundcloud. Show some love, people! They don't just do prog, I should add – they do a neat line in weirdy abstract techno too…

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