Saturday, 10 March 2012

Douce Brise – Politicians

And from deep house that's all soft n' fluffy n' lovely and perfect for post-club or poolside listening (see below), we move on to some deep house that's bumpin', druggy and twisted, and perfect for the dancefloor. Which, of course, is precisely what Bounce House do best.

In its Original form, Politicians itself is a deep, jackin' workout distinguished by its chopped-up, looping vocal samples ("politicians are always coming round/promising this and that") and fat, driving bottom-end. Label boss DK Watts then serves up an SBK Remix that takes a slightly techier approach, with elements dare I say of electro in there as well?

Elsewhere, Saxy Funk is a satisfying and fairly self-explanatory slab of archetypal west coast bump that slams along at a fair old lick, while Rainy Wednesday is another upbeat dancefloor cut, this time again featuring sampled female speech for vocals, and a nagging tinky-tonk piano riff.

Check this EP out… it's about as 'peaktime' as deep house ever gets, and as such could appeal to DJs from across the board.

Out: This week

About: Bounce House has long been a favourite label of yours truly, and can be found online here. Mr Watts himself has also, I should mention – in the interests of transparency and all that – long been a big supporter of this blog, giving TIWWD lots of shouts on Facebook and stuff. So cheers for that DK, much appreciated!

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