Monday, 26 March 2012

Angus Jefford – Bumpin'

Okay, so I try and be as professional about things on this blog as I can be, generally. But for once I'm going to make an exception and, very unprofessionally, just say FUCK ME THIS IS GOOD. And that's swearing.

But really, this is outstanding stuff, revisiting the 90s organ-driven house template to devastating effect both on Bumpin' itself – which comes in Original and slightly dubbier Somethin' After mixes, the latter dropping the Detroitian string stabs but keeping the soulfully-styled vocal stabs – and on The Culture. It's enough to make an over-the-hill raver very, very happy indeed.

The fourth track Fever Fever, BTW, doesn't have the organs. It's still a very serviceable slice of uplifting, retro-leaning but forward-looking house music… but it's Bumpin' itself that means you need to STOP what you're doing and buy this immediately.

Oh yeah, and here it is, as well. Awesome, isn't it?

Out: This week

About: This is the second offering from Say Ahh! which, if you didn't know, is the new house label set up by the legendary MK and his brother Scotti Deep… which no doubt helps explain why this is just SO freakin' good. Find Say Ahh! online here or visit their blog

PS: I was hoping, tonight, to bring you a So Many Tunes… round-up of the ones that got away last week. But circumstances have prevented… hopefully later in the week.

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