Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Andy Vaz ft Eva Soul - Feelin'

And from a house track that TALKS about Detroit (Mansfield & Klein, below), here's a house track that's actually FROM Detroit. How about that for a seamless segue, eh?

The original of Feelin' is slice of soulful action whose musical roots lie at least as much in NY/NJ as they do in the Motor City. With a backdrop of warm piano chords and a yearnsome, breathy vocal from Eva, it's a beauty… and the remixes from Norm Talley (instrumental and stripped to the bone, but nonetheless retaining the warmth) and Drivetrain (a little more swung and west coast-y) don't hurt it one iota.

Definitely seems to be a resurgence lately in tracks that can do 'soulful' without it having to mean 'wishy-washy, noodly and polite', and that can only be A Good Thing.

Out: This week

About: This is on Soiree Records International, Derrick Thompson AKA Drivetrain's own label who've been pushing house in Detroit for 20 years now. All praise is due, etc… though I must admit I'm most familiar with Drivetrain from the excellent One Wish Wonder album he did on Little Angel in 2005.

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