Thursday, 9 February 2012

ALBUM Various - Best Of Lepento

Okay, so still in the grips of the dreaded man-flu right here… it's hard to summon up the energy or the motivation to do much of anything at all at the mo' to be honest. But I put this album on today, and it briefly took the blues away for a bit…

Regular readers will know by now that Lepento is the house/techno sister label to the dubstep/UK bass imprints LU10 and Four40. I've propped quite a few of their releases on here before now, but even I was taken aback by just how good this 'best of so far' comp really is, with nuggets that should suit no matter what style of contemporary house you're most into.

Cause & Affect's skippy, garage-y Jeans and Together open proceedings, then Corduroy Mavericks' House Journey gives us a taste of more commercial/crossover flavours, before we're back on a (simply gorgeous, soul-infused) garage tip with HapKido's Because I'm Waiting. HapKido then team up with NAIS for the jazz-inflected houser Boy, before Jayye Jackin' & Dappa D serve up the bumpin' and very now-sounding Oh Baby, from where we move into bouncy swing-tech number Ciao Ciao by Jimmy Raz and then the dark, rumbling tech-house of Keva's All Night Long, with its lyrical dig at boring DJs "playing the same beat all night long", and then… well, you get the idea, and that's only half the album covered! The rest is just as good though, trust me.

In a nutshell: 16 quality house tracks in a range of flavas, presented in full-length, unmixed format. What's not to love?

Out: A whole 8 days ago (30 Jan). I'm so behind the times…

About: You can find Lepento on MySpace and Soundcloud

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