Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lee Guthrie - Do This EP

For our final post of the week*, let's take a trip into slightly techier territories, with this four-tracker from Lee Guthrie.

The title track is probably the one that's got most house floor appeal, being a fairly sedate but also pleasingly trippy tech-house chugger with vocodered (or at any rate, heavily effected) vocal samples and some suitably space-y disco sounds. Quality stuff.

The Minicoolboyz Remix basically is the same again but coming from a slightly techier angle, while the EP's completed by How They Roll and What We Become. The former is a sparse, drum-led tech-house cut with stabs of soulful vox and lots of weird ambience, while the latter sits somewhere between Berlin-style post-minimal tech-house and, in terms of its general swing, leftcoast house of the quirkier variety.

A solid bet for those that like it forward-thinking and just a little bit glitchified.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Lee's own label, Click Therapy, and is the label's 10th release.

*This week's So many tunes… round-up to follow tomorrow

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