Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mike Gillenwater - Side By Side EP

The first single from Bid Muzik I've had through for a while… good to have you back on board guys! Particularly if every release in 2012 is gonna be as groovy as this.

Sure, we're on very familiar territory for Bid here – unashamedly good-time, uplifiting disco-house is the order of the day. And yet this four-tracker still manages to stand out, because if some of Bid's output has seemed a little TOO 'accessible' to you in the past, this is proof that they're a label who are capable of more than just instant crowd-pleasers. Funk Fiesta, in particular, is a jaunty little hip-shaker with rolling jazz piano licks that wouldn't sound at all out of place on certain San Francisco/Bay Area imprints I can think of.

If it's uber-cool chin-stroking minimal tech-house you're after, this won't suit, admittedly. But if its boogie-oriented floor-movers you need, step right this way.

Out: This week

About: You can find Chicago-based Bid Muzik on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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