Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rob Wu - The Vibes EP

I've sung the praises of Beats Me Music on here several times. They don't put out huge amounts of stuff, but when they do you can usually count on it coming straight out the top drawer. And this is no exception.

It's good VFM too, with four originals in a total of six mixes. If you like your deep house on the jazzual side, then you're gonna love Let's Keep It and Jazzy Paradise… so jazzual are these two, in fact, that it's only really the presence of a strong 4/4 kick that marks them out as house records at all, rather than out-and-out jazz-funk tracks.

That's a good thing in my books, by the way! And I should stress this is jazz without all the noodles and self-indulgent fiddly time signatures and suchlike, as well. Still, if it's all a bit too white socks n' Cortinas for ya, then a big n' bumpin Mike Jules Remix of the latter, and a beefed-up take on Let's Keep It by D'Experiment that's so Salted-esque it even sports an added chunk of sampled vocal featuring some dude talking about hiphop, should see you right.

A couple more upbeat, jazzed-out instrumentals, The Vibes and What's That, round out another excellent release from Beats Me Music. Keep 'em coming boys!

Out: This week

About: Beats Me are based on the south coast of the UK… if you want to know more, hit up their website and Facebook page. As for Rob Wu… I believe he's an Australian producer now based on these shores, but I could be wrong.

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