Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pete Da Feet - Stutter

Kinda tired right now, so let's kick off the week's reviews with an easy one: the latest from Lost My Dog, which comes from label co-owner Pete Da Feet.

Why's it an easy one? Cos you KNOW Mr Da Feet, which frankly I think might not be his real name, can always be relied on for some good deep house grooves… and so it is here. Stutter is a midtempo affair with the kind of vintage Chi-town/NYC influences that are so en vogue right now; a brace of somewhat livelier, more percussion-filled rerubs from the equally dependable Moodymanc merely seal the deal.

Add in bonus cuts Rush – a proper stomper marrying hard, techy beats with warmer tops – and the more stripped-down Peace La Paz, and what you have is another highly checkable EP from an always checkable label. Nuff said!

Out: Yesterday (20 Feb)

About: The Middlesborough-and-London based crew have been looking for their wayward canine for a whole eight years now, and as such you probably don't need me to tell you much more about them. But here's their website and Facebook anyway.

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