Monday, 20 February 2012

So many tunes, so little time 9

Our 'regular Sunday night round-up' seems to have slipped to Monday again… oops. Still, here we are: the best of the rest of last week's release in 'capsule review' form.

David Amo & Julio Navas – 3 Days & 3 Nights EP
Rolling tech-house vibes from Great Stuff, who know a good rolling tech-house track when they hear one. Comes complete with a spoken, Bible-referencing vocal and two mixes of more out-and-out techno cut Squirt.
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Ian O'Donovan – Reign Orion
Progressive house from the heads-down, driving, techy, boys-y end of the spectrum. The four mixes are pretty similar-sounding but if pushed then O'Donovan's own Stripped Down Mix wins out from me.
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Matt Minimal – Ligne Droite EP
Despite the name, minimal this not! However, as muscular club techno goes, it is rather good. Two tracks, and it's B-side Photon that I'm feeling the most: with its funkier groove and hip-house style vocal, this would have been a Trade anthem back in the day.
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Fanatical Groove – Deep EP
More solid tech-house vibes here. As for the EP title, well, it's Christian Varela's label… he's known for the hard, loopy stuff so yeah, this is deep by comparison!
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Richard Dinsdale & D.Ramirez – Nothing Habitual
Something of a heavyweight team-up here, and between them they come up with a tough, no-nonsense houser for Dutch label Spinnin' that's aimed fair and square at the big floors. It's a bit more 'big room' in fact than TIWWD would normally go for, but it's good stuff for the style… plus he's a sound lad our Dean, and a fellow Yorkshireman, so always happy to show some love!
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Dache & Shaw – Freak EP
Pumping tech-house from the techno end of the spectrum on Colin Sales' label CSD… with an even-more-techno refix from the label boss himself.
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Ghostnotez – Closer
Coming on Craig Stewart's DCS Trax imprint, part of the Universe Media stable, this is a deep/tech house cut that knows its roots lie in Chicago, and isn't afraid to flaunt the fact! Bubba's Extended Remix would be my pick but all three mixes are very playable.
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James Silk – The DJ T Remixes
After I posted a review of James Silk's last single, he was kind enough to send through this set of remixes he's done of four tracks from DJ T's excellent Pleasure Principle long-player… at time of writing there's no word of an official release so count this as an early heads-up, just in case! And click the Soundcloud link below to hear just why this 25yo producer is already picking up support from everyone from Nervous Records to Pete Tong.
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Mike Salta – Escape From Rico Bay
Don't seem to be getting as much nu-disco through of late but Martin Brodin's MB Disco continue to fly the flag with this epic analogue synth workout. Remixes also in a nu-disco stylee come from Peter Visti, Sare Havlicek and Drop Out Orchestra, the latter also supplying a more housificated rub.
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Wally Lopez feat Hadley – Burning Inside
Remember Wally's big, tough, drummy houser from 2007? Well, here come no fewer than nine new mixes of it, spread across two separate 12”s (FACT0058 and FACT0059). Oliver Moldan's rub stands out for me.
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Shane Long – Riff'd
File this one somewhere between tech-house and progressive… though that partly depends on which of the four mixes you head for, of course. And if I were you I'd make that Ed Lee's, where you'll find a big Chi-town b-line just waiting to delight your ears, your feet and, if the soundsystem's good enough, your bowels too.
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Various – HOF All-Stars Volume 1
A five-artist, five-track sampler from Spanish label HOF (Hall Of Fame) Records. You know Spain's love of loopy techno? Well imagine them doing tech-house, and you've got a good idea what this mostly sounds like. It's solid stuff, though… and it had to get a mention cos not only is one of the artists called Daniel Knob, but one of the tracks is called My Dog Is Pissed Off. How can you not love an EP that's got a track called that on it?
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and finally…

Bah Samba – Moonlight
Even if you sometimes find Bah Samba's stuff a little too… polite, shall we say, you should check this anyway. The Souldynamic Go Deep Instrumental, in particular. That said, it's already #1 on Traxsource this week, so it doesn't really need my two penn'orth!
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Right, that's your lot for tonight – I've got a mountain of downloads to climb, so we'll start on this week's release tomorrow. See ya then…

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